A GEM =(Geometrical Electricity Multiplier) of a free energy technology idea.
This GEM was most significant technology in our ancient past.(found in Ezekiel 1:16)
- It was most assuredly used to build the ancient Egyptian Pyramids,
- As well as many other monolithic creations, using mega sized stone blocks
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FREE ENERGY GEM works on using the long length of belt that you get from rotating a large 100cm circumference pulley just once, costing only one spark of DC current, and running this 100cm of moving belt, by 1 to 10 mini-pulleys of 1cm circumference, giving you 100 to 1000 cycles of AC electricity.

Now try to tell me that you cannot find a way to convert 1000 cycles of AC back into 1 spark DC
This would give you a self powering set of DC+AC GENERATORS

You are gaining 1000 cycles of AC electricity by adding 10 mini-pulleys, of 1cm circumference to the 100cm of belt that you get from a 100cm circumference pulley, which only takes one spark of DC current to rotate.

GEMs can use electricity to convert h2o into hydrogen fuel + O2 to have fire power,
Yet you still have a GEM to convert carbon monoxide + dioxide back into O2 + carbon
That way we could have the instant power of the combustion engine,
and still have it in a way that covers up most of gas power polluting characteristics
So not only could we be not hurting the environment, but we can help filter the air

This technology is super simple, by just working on the mechanical effects of it not taking
100 times more electricity to rotate a large 100cm circumference pulley as it does a 1cm
circumference pulley. Yet you can get 100cm of moving belt off your large pulley, which if
you run through one to ten of your small 1cm circumference mni-pulleys, thereby multiplying your rotations by 100 times the # of mini-pulleys that you choose to attach. (10 X 100 = 1000)
If you simply attach AC generators to these mini-pulleys, you would be multiplying massive
amounts of AC electricity. The missing piece to this free energy technology is a full wave
bridge rectifier, (4 diodes) for every AC generator that you have attached to the belt on this
miraculous mechanism. This device is needed to convert your massive AC output voltage,
back into the minute,(one spark) of DC electricity that you are using to power your DC drive
motor in the first place.

Every household could have one or many of these GEM power supplies in it.
- One for every voltage, OR
- One for every room
As these mechanisms are simple to build
- Not very costly for parts
- - 1 DC drive motor, + at least I AC generator + belt to connect them
- - One full wave bridge rectifier for every AC generator
- - Wire, enough to go from your AC motor(s) to you rectifier(s) + to DC motor
- - - Then you need to connect wire leads from your DC output of your rectifier
- - - - As well as your AC output motors, (just in case you need an AC output)
- - A small amount of Sauder + flux
- - + some metal, wood or plastic, to construct framing for the mechanical parts
- - - of this Miraculous GEM of an mechanism
- (but we would need massive voltage, (electrical pressure) to rotate this large 100cm pulley)
- (and guess what we are winding up with our free running generators=massive voltage)
--- (problem solved) = this would give us a free running set of AC+DC generators)
----- (+ the more mini-generators that you add, the greater the capacity of load they could handle)
- We could even put them in our electric cars, + convert our gas powered automobiles to electric
- + no more plugging your car in to gain a charge from your house 120V power,
- but we would still be plugging our cars into our houses
- - we could plug our carís in, to power your house,
- - - with a little voltage conversion

Description of how to build a GEM = Geometrical Electricity Multiplier
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------------------------------- (AC motor = AC generator) ------------------------------
You start with a large (100cm circumference) pulley + you attach a DC motor to the center shaft Then you need at least one small (1cm circumference) mini-pulley,
(the more the better) = More generators = higher current capability
<<because more AC generators=higher capability of current flow>>
(the DC + AC motors must be the same voltage)
Then you would need to build a framing system to hold the
- motor + generators in alignment for the belt to run smoothly
This could be made out of whatever you had in supply,
- (1)-wood + nails + screws,
- (2)-metal strapping or lengths of iron rods,
- (3)-plastic rods + glue
I say that you need a belt, but in reality you could use a strap, elastic, rope, panty hose or even a tied length of string, to connect your large pulley + your mini-pulleys together.
- pretty convenient, for the many Tribulation Saints, who cannot buy anything without the Mark - http://free-energy.yolasite.com/
Other possible names for the letters of GEM
- Godís Energy Mechanism
- Good Electricity Maker
It only takes one spark of DC electricity to rotate a DC motor once. If you attach a 1000cm circumference pulley, this will give you 1000cms of moving belt. If you run this length of belt through 10 mini-pulleys of 1cm circumference, + attach AC generators to them, you would get 10,000 units of AC electricity
THATíS ONE SPARK OF DC ELECTRICITY IN = 10,000 UNITS AC ELECTRICITY OUT (please, try to find a way around this AC electricity multiplier)
Torque is not a problem,,, as these generators are only winding up massive voltage, which is exactly what we need to rotate your drive motor, and practically no current = (only one spark) This is GOD Ďs Gift to mankind + as well as the natural world around us = stop polluting our air
This was Given to us way back in Ezekielís time, (Ezekiel 1:16)
- yet evil spirits have kept this Gift hidden all these years
- Just look at how ridiculously simple this technology truly is,
- and ask yourself just how gullible we were,
- to not see through the evil spiritual warfare that was hiding it from us.
You can seemingly break the laws of thermodynamics, simply because it does not take 100 times more power to rotate a 100cm circumference pulley than it does to turn a 1cm circumference pulley. They both take the same current = one spark of DC, the larger one only take a slightly greater voltage. You are gaining 1000 rotations of an AC generator. These are practically free running, as they are only winding up massive voltage. The physical resistance only happens when you are taking power out of it = voltage times current times duration of time
+(one spark of DC current does not take much time,,, lol)
This is the most simple project,,,, and it is a project that could change our world, for the better even. It is simplicity at its best,,, maybe that is why nobody will build this for me. Satan + his minions have everybody convinced, that it is too simple to actually work. Please,,, don't listen to the evil spirits telling you that this is ridiculous, + if it really was that simple, then someone would have discovered it long ago. I have had one person write me back, and tell me that he has three slightly different models of this working, but he fears for his + his families lives, + asked me not to mention his name. So, if you dare to take on the oil companies, and no doubt the governments, please build this super simple technology, as it may even lead to anti-gravity. I say this because this tech is taken out of Ezekiel 1:16, where he was describing what a UFO motor looks like, (wheels inside of wheels) http://free-energy.yolasite.com/

This simply works because it does not take 100 times more power to rotate a 100cm circumference pulley than it does to rotate a 1cm circumference pulley, yet the 100cm pulley gives you 100cm of moving belt. Then you run this 100cm of belt by 1 to 10 mini-pulleys of 1cm circumferences, giving you 100 to 1000 cycles of AC power, if you attach AC generators to these mini-pulleys. There is not any torque problems, as your AC generators are just winding up massive voltage, the voltage that you need to crank over your large 100cm circumference the one single time, which through mini-pulleys rotates many AC generators 100 times each. Remember you only need one spark of current, as you only need to turn the DC motor over once.