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Thread: FREE ENERGY = AC electricity multiplication

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    FREE ENERGY = AC electricity multiplication

    The simplicity of AC electricity multipliers,
    This technology is simple, by using the long length of belt that is produced from one single rotation of a 100cm circumference pulley, which only costs one spark of DC current. Use this 100cm of moving belt to rotate 10 mini-pulleys of 1cm circumferences. This way you have multiplied one rotation of your DC motor, into 1000 rotations of your mini-pulleys. If you attached AC generators to these mini-pulleys, you would gain 1000 units of AC energy. These 1000 units of AC electricity, are all free running motors, just winding up massive voltage, or potential to do work.
    There is no torque problem, as your AC generators are running free, just winding up massive amounts of voltage,,, with only one spark of current needed, your current is practically zero. Torque comes from generating power, P=I x E, which is current tines voltage, and our current only needs to be one spark, practically nothing. So, you now have a perpetually running set of AC+DC power supplies, that would handle more current, if you added more AC mini-pulleys. Of course you will need to include a full wave bridge rectifier to convert your AC output back into a DC supply for your drive motor.
    it is really that simple
    Now try and tell me that these 1000 units of AC electricity cannot produce the one spark of DC electricity, when run through full wave bridge rectifiers of course, to convert your AC output, back into a DC input, which you need to turn your DC drive motor just once. The massive voltage that you are generating with all of these AC generators is just what you need to crank over your DC motor once. This massive voltage is just what you need to crank over your DC motor the once, practically no current is needed. You now have a set of self powered AC + DC generators.
    There is no magic here, it works because of the fact that turning a 100cm circumference pulley does not take 100 times the power that it takes to turn a 1cm circumference pulley. So, if you put these two pulleys in the same system, you can multiply the # of rotations by 100. Which when you put an AC generator on the mini-pulley, you get 100 units of AC electricity. Now this AC generator is running free, only winding up massive voltage, which by the way is exactly what you need for torque to turn over your DC motor once. You only need to produce one spark of DC current, so this one spark is divided by 100 rotations, which is less than no torque,,, ie easily turned.
    Please realize the dark conspiracy covering this subject, yes this is dirt simple, almost too simple to work,,, yet it does indeed work, you just need the faith to try it. Seriously, just try it out, and you will get to see the workings of one of His Miracles. Please, donít let this miracle be hidden any longer. Let us start using the technology of Ezekiel to change the world for the better.

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    At zero operating cost, we could be sharing our electricity with our neighbours,,, or making some extra money on the side, by selling any extra electricity back to the electric utility grid, wouldn’t that be awesome,,, lol. It could be very profitable to make as many of these miraculous mechanisms as we can, and selling it back to the power companies.
    Speaking of sharing,,, let me share something about this Israeli peace process,,,
    That we are hearing about on + off, and will continue to hear more about, as the time gets nearer. We are warned in the Bible “of that day and hour knoweth no man”-(Mat 24:36),,,
    But we are also blessed with being told, that we can know “that it is near, even at the doors”. (doors here are plural, to accommodate both of His Arrivals,,, once in the clouds, to rapture all His Born Again followers,[before the treaty is signed] and then again when He sets his Feet on the Mount of Olives,[at the end of the treaty])
    We can calculate the dates that these doors will shut, by knowing it will still being able to happen within our generation, which started in 1967.44, when Israel took control back of Jerusalem. This must have happened because the Jews had to be in control of Jerusalem, to continue the final 7 years of the prophecy about their 70 X 7, because the 70 7’s was a prophecy about Jerusalem, as well as the nation of Israel. Israel took control back of Jerusalem in 1967.44 + 51.6(calculated from 14, 14+14 generations of Christ’s linage) = 2019.04 is when the first Door shuts. SO,,, ISRAEL’S 2520 DAY PEACE TREATY MUST BE SIGNED BY OR BEFORE 2019.04 + (.04 X 364.25 = 14.57) OR January 14, 2019 is the date of when the door closes, on the prophecy about the 70X7’s.
    Now, I know that there could be many durations for this last generation, but I feel that this 51.6 years duration is best, as not only was it calculated from the linage of Jesus, from the birth of Abraham
    I’ve always called this whole 7 years the tribulation, but I have just recently learned that only the last half is the Great Tribulation.
    - My other one, a better written site about the 20-20 Vision that He Shared with me, seems to have a bug in it, and is transferred out of immediately.
    I thought that we Christians wanted Christ to come back......
    2 things are needed before He arrives both times.
    - First His Bride MUST prepare itself to be spotless,,, before He arrives in the clouds, to rapture us.
    o Elijah MUST return + fix things in Christendom
    - Then Israel MUST accept + ask Jesus back, before their King Returns to earth,
    Students could build these GEMs to supplement income + to not only stop paying electric bills, but they could be adding power to the grid, and making money off these simple + easy to build GEM devices

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    GEMs could be used to electrically convert h2o into hydrogen fuel + O2 to have the power of fire
    And then have a GEM to convert carbon monoxide or dioxide back into O2 + carbon
    That way we could have the instant power of the combustion engine,

    Every household could have one or many of these GEM power supplies in it. One for every voltage
    We could even put them in our electric cars + no more plugging your car in to gain a charge from your home power, but we could plug our car in to power your house .

    Description of how to build a GEM = Geometrical Electricity Multiplier
    <<<free energy machine>>>
    You start with a large (100cm circumference) pulley + you attach a DC motor to the center shaft of it
    Then you need at least one small (1cm circumference) mini-pulley,
    (the more the better) = More generators = higher current capability
    <<because more AC generators=higher capability of current flow>>
    Then you would need to build a framing system to hold the motor + generators in alignment for the belt
    This could be made out of whatever you had in supply, (1)-wood + nails + screws, (2)-metal strapping or lengths of iron rods, (3)-plastic rods + glue
    I say that you need a belt, but in reality you could use a strap, elastic, rope or even tied length of string, to connect your large pulley + your mini-pulleys together.

    Other possible names for the letters of GEM
    - God’s Energy Mechanism
    - Good Electricity Maker
    It only takes one spark of DC electricity to rotate a DC motor once. If you attach a 1000cm circumference pulley, this will give you 1000cms of moving belt. If you run this length of belt through 10 mini-pulleys of 1cm circumference, + attach AC generators to them, you would get 10,000 units of AC electricity
    (please try to find a way around this AC electricity multiplier)
    Torque is not a problem,,, as these generators are only winding up massive voltage, which is exactly what we need to rotate your drive motor, and practically no current = (only one spark)
    This is GOD ‘s Gift to mankind + as well as the natural world around us
    This was Given to us way back in Ezekiel’s time, yet evil spirits have kept this Gift hidden all these years
    - Just look at how ridiculously simple this technology truly is, and ask yourself just how gullible we were, to not see through the evil spiritual warfare that was hiding it from us.
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    You can seemingly defeat the laws of thermodynamics,
    By using the physical capabilities of rotating a large circumference pulley
    To gain massive lengths of belt from a large circumference pulley
    + then running that massive length through many mini-circumference pulleys
    Thereby you are multiplying your rotations = multiplying AC electricity

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    The Tribulation Saints will need this free electricity multiplier in the Great Tribulation + Door = deadline = 2022.49 - Mat 24:33 “know that it is near, even at the doors” + 2 comings = doors plural
    FREE ENERGY FROM 1 ROTATION OF DC MOTOR + 100 cm circumference PULLEY = GIVES YOU 100 ROTATIONS OF AC GENERATOR ON A 1 cm circumference PULLEY ------ TESLA RULES ----- (+ don't listen to the torque lie, as there is no torque problem, because even though you are generating massive voltage-[which is exactly what you need to crank over your large pulley] you only need to generate one mere spark of current. (the amount of current that it takes to crank over the motor one single time) + power is calculated by voltage time current, so even massive voltage multiplied by practically zero current, still equals practically zero power, costing practically zero torque)
    Multiplying Free Energy is super simple with this GEM-(Geometrical Electricity Multiplier=AC type) free electricity multiplying mechanism at (please search free-energy + yolasite). This is a device that can be easily + cheaply assembled by using one large pulley attached to a DC motor, + at least one mini-pulley, (the smaller the better) connected to AC generators, both must be of the same voltage, 4 diodes to build a crude full wave bridge rectifier-(converts your AC output into DC input for your drive motor's needs), a lot of wire to connect your electrical components together, and a belt, strap or tied piece of rope or string, to connect the two or more pulleys together. This has to be dirt simple + cheap to build, as the people that will need to be built this are the soon coming Tribulation Saints, whom cannot buy or sell. Door closes on treaty signing = 2019.04 - please search my2020vision + yolasite “know that it's near, even at the door ” Mat 24:33 please search doorschristmustpassthrough + yolasite
    This works on the simplest of principles, the principles of basic preschool pulley mechanics, where you only have to pay the small amount of electricity,(only a spark) that it takes to gain one single rotation of a DC motor, with a large 100 cm circumference pulley attached. You could freely gain 1000 cycles of AC electricity from this single burst of DC current, if you chose to attach 10 mini-pulleys to the same belt/strap, with AC generators attached to each one. Please don't listen to these fake worries about torque being a problem, as these mini-pulleys would run free of any torque, as torque comes from when you need to generate power. Power is calculated by multiplying voltage time current, and although your many rotations of these mini-pulleys are generating massive voltage, (which is exactly what you need to crank over your DC drive motor), you are in need of only one mere spark of current. So, even massive amounts of voltage, when it is multiplied by the almost zero amount of current that it takes to rotate a DC motor once, it would equal out to practically zero power, cost practically zero torque.
    You are seemingly cheating the laws of thermodynamics by using pulley mechanics to freely multiply the # of rotations, and then by adding an AC generator to your mini-pulley, you are actually multiplying AC cycles of electricity. The AC generator is running very free, as it is only winding up massive voltage + practically no current, as it only needs to generate one mere spark of DC current, just enough to rotate your DC drive motor once. This one rotation of a large 100 cm pulley, can be converted into 100 rotations of a mini-pulley of 1 cm circumference. Since AC electricity is created by rotations, and more rotations is more AC power, multiplied rotation is equal to multiplied AC electricity.
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    The simple way that this works is that you are only putting in the small amount of DC electricity in to rotate a DC motor one single time, with a large 100 cm circumference pulley attached. Then with the 100 centimetres of moving belt you run it past a 1 cm circumference mini-pulley to rotate 100 times, and by adding an AC generator to this mini-pulley, you can gain 100 cycles of AC electricity. It is truly that simple, as you only pay for one rotation of a DC motor attached to a large pulley, and you get a return of 100 cycles of AC electricity from a mini-pulley. The mini-pulley runs free of most all torque, as even though it i winding up massive voltage, it only needs to generate one single spark of current. Torque is only generated when you are generating power, and even though you are generating massive voltage, it is multiplied by practically zero current, (only a spark), equalling practically zero power, which takes practically zero torque to generate. THIS WORKS PEOPLE, + IT IS EASY + CHEAP TO BUILD. PLEASE BUILD THIS GEM UNIT + OPEN UP A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF FREE ENERGY.
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