In a cave so deep and wide
Your flying saucers seek to hide;
Sent up through space,
confusion to found.
Your earth is now clothed all around
With spirits of darkness
who travel by night.
But do not be frightened;
pray for their flight.

Veronica Bayside shrine USA Nov 24th 1993

UFO's are supernatural & not extraterrestrial, they are used by Satan & his cohorts to make us believe we are being visited by alien beings (for more see my other posts on Ancient Gods & Religious forum).Jesus & Mary said at the Bayside shrine that if you want a UFO to leave then prayer the christian prayers as this causes noise in their minds and makes them want to leave.I believe they can also shape shift, i have also heard it said that the Grays are robots,well Satan has brought all the knowledge of the supernatural with him and his scientists can create much (see Wendy Alecs trilogy books) .