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Thread: Dead IN Sin Or Dead TO Sin

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    Dead IN Sin Or Dead TO Sin

    To be dead in sin and to be dead to sin, two different things. Both are identity truths. To be dead in sin is to be identified with the first Adam, Adam in rebellion. God chose to accomplish a person being declare righteous for them not by way of improved performance or sinful conduct elimination but by way of new identification. This identification is what Paul is talking about in 2 Corinthians 5:17 and itís what the word Sanctification is all about. A personís old identity is passed away. All things are become new for them because itís a brand new identity they have in the second Adam. This new in the Savior identity is based solely upon your faith in Jesusí faithful accomplishment where he died for your sins. The question is, why should you want to continue dealing with God in your daily life, or supposing that God is dealing with you according to your previous identity in the first Adam when God no longer views you from that standpoint at all? This is our identity reality and Paul wants us to appreciate it. 

    Understand, this is an issue of vital importance, God told Paul a secret. Unsearchable simply means that which had never been made know, that which could never be search out about Jesus. The idea that Paul was simply taking the same message taught by John, taught by the 12 apostles, taught by Jesus during his earthly ministry, but Paul was taking that message in a different direction, same message, different direction. Something was different with Paul and something began with the apostle Paul. When Paul talks about placing no confidence in the flesh, heís contrasting having Jesusí righteousness freely imputed to the account of the believer with those who suppose that they can merit a righteous standing before God through commitment, through their performance, through their production. Itís only when we come to properly understand God from his perspective concerning ourselves, both before we came to understand Paulís message and then what we are and who we are after we have believed Paulís message and have been joined to Godís son, then we can be capable of viewing others and relating to others accordingly who are also members of the Saviorís body, of his flesh and of his bones. Ministers of righteousness teach the successful Christian life is all about reformed doing and commitments, they teach it wrong according to the apostle Paul. Itís all about transformed thinking. According to our apostle, the battle is taking place between the ears, between fleshy thinking and divine thinking. Godís work in us, not our work for God, major difference.

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    When man imposes his will upon others as a parent or friend he or she sets themselves on a treadmill of responsibility. This person actually is responsible in a variety of stress causing interactions. Sometimes they consciously act as G-d or a G-d. They project their own phobias and insecurities. Most devious and disturbing acts of governing others include macro elements of these same issues as we see in present day places like the United States. This was the case in the Nazi era as well. Even in conquered territories the citizens were ratting each other out to the new G-ds with jackboots. The Allies were surprised when they went through the archives at the few places where the records had not been destroyed.

    Neighborly acts kept the Gestapo busy following leads provided by their sheep or those they thought might need encouragement to be so vicious. You often hear about German policy which killed retarded children, check out the father who made this request that became national policy. What he may have thought or the stresses of taking care of a severely retarded child included a REFLECTION OF WHAT GENETIC FLAWS WERE IN HIS OWN FAMILY TREE.

    How much happier we all could be if we had personal ethics rather than Politically Correct images from G-d or country. This article thinks to comment upon happiness and a connection with generosity. There certainly are elements of ideation that those words do encompass but ask yourSELF as well as your image of yourself what pressures and stresses are at work.

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