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Thread: The ancient Phoenicians

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    The ancient Phoenicians

    The ancient Phoenician were among the first people to believe in God.

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    The father of Biblical Archaeology says the Bible is a Phoenician literary legacy. He is Dr. Albright of Johns Hopkins.

    That is not proof that the Phoenicians believed in God or were the first who did. However Ba'al is derived from earlier representations of nature that sheople would call gods. Most immediately and occurring alongside Ba'al is Bel of the Kelts. And you could argue they are the Phoenicians and since you posted about Ba'albek which means the city of Ba'al; I will assume you know that it is far older than the Phoenicia you see in the Bible or most Bible Narrative history books (meaning all those in use by schools). But we have at least 462,000 years of gods according to the research of Joseph Campbell. Probably the first humans to walk the earth were primitives who needed answers for things they did not understand - that is what your gods are.

    And this is one of their priestly legacies

    The Cycle of Violence is a very touchy subject for most people. There are those who sit in positions where they know the depth of the problem and they might even know what could be done in some cases. But can they actually do something about it?

    Here are some of the problems.

    1. Parents think it is their right to have children and raise them as their father and other earlier family members raised them. They do not want to admit they are control freaks or abusers of one form or another. They may even think their religious indoctrination is correct despite the fact that it does nothing to teach the joy and soulful potential of sex alongside the civil and moral responsibilities that are connected.

    2. Politicians know that if they addressed the totality of the problem it would mean many children would be taken away from parents and there is no social network in place like the extended family or clan that would ensure the children get the proper character development while having their human potential creatively embraced or developed. In some countries politicians enjoy wielding perverse power over people and giving them ridiculous religious laws or ideas about virgins in heaven or the place of man versus woman. Arranged marriages are a form of prostitution and marriage itself needs to place the rights of children ahead of the rights of parents. All children become wards or citizens of the state and the costs or dangers associated with abuse are many.

    3. In the ethical system that allows older people to force na´ve young people into wars or to work at things which are not productive we have a macro-social and soulful issue which is most egregious to say the least. There have been times when de-population makes sense and the whole planet can become threatened by rampant over-population so it makes sense to plan the parenting of children rather than allow de-population efforts to succeed. As mankind goes into space there will be a need for more people unless the robots take over. But sending poor examples of our species out to populate our galaxy is a most troubling issue for me.

    4. Therapists are in danger of being sued if they say the victim is in need of therapy too. There are no intake questionnaires in schools or hospitals which might target certain at-risk children and class action suits against the government or its institutions could result if courts are not aware of the dangers of religious and ethnic mores and morays that actually generate abuse. Courts and therapists as well as teachers of proper training or education are not in agreement and the matter requires some kind of realization that we do indeed face a monstrous and real threat to our potential growth as a race or species.

    5. Police forces and other powerful mundane jobs often attract people who are abusive or overly forceful. Fear and a lack of trust rather than healing and loving approaches are everywhere. We have seen growing awareness of the abuse of authority in churches in relation to pedophilia but that is only the tip of the iceberg.
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