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Thread: December 2012 and the Pyramids at Giza…

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    December 2012 and the Pyramids at Giza…

    Our Original blog post was already viewed 150,000 times since it was posted in May 2011.
    With 340 blog comments, it is time to open proper Forum discussion for this subject.

    2012 and the Pyramids at Giza…

    by Charles Marcello

    I happen to be one of those people who believes nothing is going to happen in 2012. However, in order to prove that to myself, I have been studying this issue for about four years now. While studying ancient cultures I noticed that each of them had a fascination with the planets. The stars are mentioned of course, but not nearly as much as the planets. So when I saw a video a few years ago talking about Orion’s Belt being the reason why the Pyramids were built, or at least the Pyramids were built to honor Orion’s Belt… to say I did not believe that was true would be an understatement.

    I felt if the Pyramids at Giza were built to honor anything it would be a planet convergence of some kind. So when I started looking at the night sky while using the FREE online program… Stellarium… my mind was already searching for clues. I wanted to see if there was anything worth mentioning regarding planet alignments in 2012. What lead me too… or what helped me find… the picture below… I was completely taken aback by what I found. To be completely honest I never in a millions years would have thought I would actually be able to prove my theory was in fact correct. But I cannot deny, and I don’t think any honest person can deny… What will happen in the night sky over Giza and how it seems to mimic the lay out of the Pyramids at Giza, is very interesting indeed… Especially since everyone already knows the Mayan’s attached great importance to the year 2012… now that makes this discovery even more interesting and plausible… especially since… the ending and restarting of the Progression of the Equinox… (The natural wobble of the Earth that finishes a full cycle only once every 26,000 years or so…)

    Whether you believe something will happen in 2012 or not, is not important… The fact is that the planetary alignment matches layout of Pyramids at Giza on 12.3.12 and this will happen just 18 days before 12.21.12. … 6 plus 6 plus 6 = 18… Even the most ardent skeptics have to admit, that is one hell’va kawinkadink indeed!!!

    Planetary alignment that will take place Dec 3, 2012 is dead-on alignment with the Pyramids at Giza. Night Sky in Giza, Egypt on December 3, 2012, local time … one hour before sunrise compared with the Pyramids at Giza.

    Also, it should be noted, that planetary convergence only happens every 2,737 years, and its different for at least 2 more cycles running the program forward… and doesn’t happen again for over 28,000 YEARS if you run that program backwards in time…

    After watching a video on the net regarding the inner chambers of the great pyramid and how they seem to point to other stars in the night sky… I decided to see what else the night sky holds/will look like on Dec 3, 2012… I believe the evidence absolutely proves that what I discovered explains that the pyramids where built to honor (or warn about) specific time marked by the planetary convergence…

    Positions of planets can be used as a perfect clock. Such a clock can mark date in time (in the past and/or in the future) and can be read by intelligent beings regardless of their language and calendar they use…

    Night Sky in Giza, Egypt on December 3, 2012, local time … one hour before sunrise. Image generated by Starry Night Pro.

    Image of the Night Sky in Giza, Egypt on December 3, 2012, local time … one hour before sunrise compared with the 1881 survey drawing of the Pyramids at Giza. The result is perfect match…

    If the pyramids where built to honor Orion’s belt, instead of matching a planetary convergence seen only once every 2737 years, and only matching the Giza layout every fifth cycle… then why are there no other massive monolithic structures honoring other, more pronounced, constellations throughout Egypt, or the world for that matter… Every ancient culture seems to be honoring the Planets, with just passing homage to constellations… Why would the pyramids be different? The answer, they wouldn’t be… and what’s even stranger still… If you take the three sets of three pyramid groups at Giza, and add all of the three’s by two together… meaning, group 1, group 2, group 3.… add g1 to g2, g2 to g3, and g3 to g1, you get 6 plus 6 plus 6… 18… 18 plus Dec 3, equals Dec 21, 2012…

    I have no doubt the Pyramids of Giza were built to honor an extremely rare planetary convergence. The creation story in the bible was created to tell that tale, and that, in part, is exactly what the Masons are celebrating. (Though the Pyramids are a lot older then the books of the bible.) The bad news for the Masons is, the stories they use to enhance the knowledge within each of its Masonic levels, has nothing to do with god or God, rather, it has everything to do with the science of our solar system, and planetary interactions… or more correctly, the Sun, Moon and Earth, the Hiram Key be damned. The stories in the bible, the first five books, has very little to do with God, more so then they have almost everything to do with extremely advanced ancient knowledge… that we can only recently understand and prove, that was in fact passed forward for the benefit of all mankind. The story of Moses and who he was gives great clues on how to re-read the first five books of the bible. The stories within the Mayan/Aztec cultures gives even more clues on how to understand the stories within the bible. There is still a lot more information that I firmly believe we will be able to discover throughout the world, and within other religious texts… that will either, support what I’m about to share with you, or perhaps… give more extremely ancient knowledge that the survivors (pay attention to that word) desperately felt they needed to pass forward. I could spend an incredible amount of time walking you through each level of this discovery. Yet I don’t want to ruin the journey for others. The picture proving the Pyramids at Giza do in fact match the planetary convergence that will take place one hour before sunrise on Dec 3, 2012 is presented here in order to get your attention. I’m going to allow you, YES YOU, the opportunity to learn these truths on your own.
    Count 144,000 days after Sept 11, 2001. You now know the amount of time we have left before they believe they must finish their work.
    Count 666 days before Dec 3, 2012 and then find out where your leaders were.
    Count June 10, 2011 to Dec 3, 2012. Count June 10 2011 to Feb 4th 2012, compare those numbers to Dec 3, 2012.
    Count how many days separate Feb 4th 2012 from June 10, 2012. Then start running the numbers and compare them to numerology, Paganist lore, and the Bible. (Notice that is the first time I’ve capitalized the world bible.)
    I have in fact solved the Pyramid Mystery. It cannot be denied any longer… However, I’ve also discovered why these Paganist must stop. Your mythology is wrong. I truly wish it wasn’t but it is. If what I’ve discovered is true, you are going to suffer in ways you cannot even imagine… You will not be loved for what you are planning, you will be despised and hated by the gods…

    Compare our planet’s daily numbers to the distance of our Sun.
    Compare those numbers to ancient mythology.
    Compare the mathematical numbers to the days of the year you honor against those numbers and our solar system.
    Compare 3, 7, 21, 42, 72, 111, etc… against our planetary daily numbers and the mathematical numbers we know are true regarding our solar system.
    Compare them god damnit and open your eyes.
    33 = 9 x 3 = 27, not to mention 216 = 6x6x6 … which just happens to equal how many Sun’s you need to line up side by side to reach the Earth from the Sun. Who ever built those pyramids flew in space, period!!! [ Editor's Note/Correction: On September 18-19 the distance of the Sun from Earth is approximately 150.336 million km, about 108 times that of the Sun’s diameter (or 216 times of the Sun’s Radius) ]

    Dec 3 is exactly 18 days before Dec 21. 18days*24hrs*60min = 25,920. The Progression of the Equinox takes exactly 25,920 years.

    Now learn the cycle of Dec 3, 2012. It only happens once every 2737 years… but only matches the Pyramids of Giza every 5th cycle. Yet… how many cycle does it take for that convergence to match not only the Pyramids of Giza, and then compare that to the creation story in the bible and Mason mythology. You now know why there are 33 levels… however you also learn there must be a 34th… it’s the only way they could possibly obtain balance in their order… just like you will learn the advanced mathematical, solaristic, and scientific understanding our truly ancient ancestors had to known of in order to build the pyramids the way they did, place them the way they did, and then hide all the information the way they did.


    Enjoy the Ride…

    Charles Marcello

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    I did not read the previous articles - sorry. Let me add a couple of things.

    1. The Mayans certainly used astronomy in making their calendar. The short calendar tracks the transit of Venus and the long one tracks Sirius or develops the sidereal chart of the Heavens. They were so accurate it took until Beckett in the 20th century to more accurately state the time for the Polar Wander Path. Their accuracy came within about eight years if I recall. The Hindu were off by over two thousand of the approximately 26,000. The lies told about them saying 2012 is the end time are Christian inspired NONsense.

    2. Inside the Queen's Chamber of the Great Pyramid were two sidereal charts - thus an observer from 60,000 years ago made them. Professor Smith of Hobart University studied them to his amazement and I deal with it in my book on the Great Pyramid. I have had no luck checking into this at Hobart and I recall no other author addressing it - perhaps they have been ground off. I am willing to assign the copyright or assist the telling of the truth of the Great Pyramid of Iesa to any co-author who has an open mind or soul.

    This author was a Masonic linguist whose book took me 20 years to research completely enough to re-write it as my Ogham mentors asked of me.

    Or here,

    Many videos and theories to look into; here.

    Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt - YouTube

    Video for Great Pyramid "Iesa"▶ 2:29

    Dec 27, 2011 - Uploaded by AirPano com
    The Great Pyramid of Iesa was used as a Temple of Initiation for inculcating the mysteries of nature and the ...
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    Phillip Coppens gives us some facts to consider about the prophecy supposedly created by Mayans.

    "The first contributing theory to this misunderstanding is that the Mayan calendar is somehow linked with sunspot activity. This notion was popularised in 1995 by Maurice Cotterell in “The Mayan Prophecies”. The dust jacket claims “The present world will end on 22 December 2012”, to continue in smaller lettering “So prophesied the Maya 5,000 years ago”. Cotterell had argued as early as 1986 that the Mayan calendar of 1,366,560 days contained knowledge of the sunspot cycle and that the Mayans encoded this “wisdom”, as this cycle had a direct effect on the welfare of the human race. In the book, Cotterell predicted a sudden reversal in the earth’s magnetic field, a notion central to the “2012” movie, where the somewhat pioneering work of Charles Hapgood on the subject – popular in many catastrophic theories – receives repeated exposure too.

    The second theory is that the sunspot activity will have disastrous effects on planet Earth. This doomsday thinking as related to 2012 was aired by Cotterell, but popularised by Belgian author Patrick Geryl. The author of a number of books on the subject, Geryl has also founded a non-profit organisation, the “Official Survival Group 2012 - New Global Trust”. Geryl considers the 2012 cataclysm a “scientifically underbuilt global event that will dramatically change the world and only if we prepare duly, some of us may be able to survive.” His organisation is focused on providing a location and the means to survive, upon which they will rebuild a new civilisation after the cataclysm.

    Geryl states that when the “sun’s magnetism reaches a crucial point, the sun’s surface will be subjected to immense storms. They will cause a super-catastrophe on earth, without equal. The astronomical Zodiac of the Egyptians described the exact dates of the previous disasters and their consequences for our planet.” Reminiscent of 19th century pyramidology, in which every nook and cranny of the Great Pyramid used to show that biblical prophecy was being fulfilled, Geryl writes that “When you combine the facts of these phenomena, you are able to prove the source of the number 666, known from the Bible as the number of the Apocalypse. It is taken from the Egyptian civilization and indicates an aberration in the sunspot cycle, which lays the foundation for the forthcoming world cataclysm.” Geryl is an apocalyptical preacher, often wagging his finger in the face of disbelieving 2012 phenomenon observers, whom he chastises for “not believing him”. His forecast clearly inspired Emmerich, for Geryl identifies this as the cause for the catastrophe: “upheavals in the sun’s magnetic fields will generate gigantic solar flares that will affect the polarity of the entire Earth. The result: our magnetic field will reverse all at once, with catastrophic consequences for humanity. Massive earthquakes will demolish all buildings on the planet, and instigate colossal tsunamis and intense volcanic activity. In fact, the Earth’s crust will shift, sweeping continents thousands of miles away from their present positions.”

    In “How to Survive 2012”, Geryl considers the challenge to survive 2012 as being on par with Noah: “It is a blueprint for all of you who want to re-live the story of Noah. I explain thoroughly all the problems we are going to encounter and which precautions we need to take. I expect to inspire enough people so that together we can resume life on earth in a new civilization.” Clearly, Emmerich took note, for the means of survival in “2012” are indeed a flotilla of giant arks.

    The third theory is that 2012 is linked with the galactic alignment, whereby, from the Earth’s perspective, the sun will align to the Galactic Centre. This theory was put forward by John Major Jenkins in “Maya Cosmogenesis 2012”. Nowhere, however, does Jenkins link this with doomsday scenarios and he is furthermore explicit that this is a slow process, whereby December 21, 2012 is one calendar date for a much longer – and geologically harmless – phenomenon. Still, what the “2012” movie has done, is take all three separate theories together, and mix them into the spine of the story, whereupon Emmerich and co. have equally reworked parts of “Deep Impact”, “War of the Worlds” and “The Poseidon Adventure” to create a 158 minute long story that on more than one occasion is totally unbelievable."
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