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Thread: Rescued by Mary

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    Rescued by Mary


    Once upon a time, there was a man who was lost at sea;
    a sea of doctrinal confusion and despair.

    He had been tossed to and fro, by wave after wave for many days,
    until finally, he had reached his demise,
    he would drown.

    Suddenly, he spots something on the horizon!
    His hope is renewed.
    And then, as suddenly as it appeared, a huge wooden ship pulls up alongside him,
    with Eternal Father written across the bow.

    He looks up and sees the Captain of his Salvation in the wheel house,
    with the Holy Ghost as Her main Sail.

    But wait, there more. Thereís someone running up the Vesselís starboard side,
    with something in hand.
    Itís a Woman!

    She leans back and heaves Her buoy with rope attached.
    It lands besides him.

    He reaches out and grabs the lifesaver with his last dying breath
    before he goes under for good.
    Without strength and exhausted, he can do little more.

    She begins to haul him in, hand over hand;
    heís amazed by Her strength and unflinching determination.

    Finally, as She reaches out to grab him by the hand,
    he looks up to notice Her sleeves are rolled up,
    revealing Her powerful forearms and weather beaten hands.

    He realizes whoever this Woman is, Sheís been doing this for a long time.
    And as She clasps him tightly, he looks up and realizes -
    Itís Mary!!

    She pulls him safely on board,
    as She turns and looks up towards Her Soverign.

    They briefly meet eye to eye,
    as He turns His mighty wheel, and sails away.


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    Who was this Mary? She was a female activist; a scheming adventuress, who in the words of Bernardino of Siena (1380 – 1444), ‘seduced, deceived, and I might even say wounded God, with I do not know what caresses and promises’, that she might secure humanity’s salvation.

    Consider with me all the fascination and dangerous power of womanliness we experience in considering the Incarnation.

    There is a marvelous resemblance between Mother and Son.

    The voice of the Son and the Mother is but one, as they have but one heart, one soul, and one mind.

    "I came out of the mouth of the Most High, the first-born before all creatures." [Eccl. 24: 5]

    God the Father knew Mary from all eternity, just as sure as He knew the Son.

    The Holy name of Mary was not unknown to the world, even centuries before it was revealed to men at the time it should be given to our holy infant, and even from the beginning of the world. Mary. Mary. Mary.

    This beautiful and magnificent name was birthed from the heart of God from the foundations of the world.

    Greek and Latin historians will attest to the fact that in the year 780 a tombstone was discovered during the excavation of some walls in Thrace that revealed the following inscription: “Christ will be born of the virgin Mary. O sun, thou shalt see me again under the Emperor Constantine and the Empress Irene.” Many believe that this tomb belonged to Mercurius Trismegistus – better know as Plato. Whoever it was certainly lived before Christ and Mary.

    There was a doctor of theology named, John de domo Villarii who was an eyewitness to the discovery of a man with a beard and very long hair, a very large man, who was found in the valley of Josaphat in a sub-terranean tomb; this is all recorded by John Leyden the Carmelite in his chronicle of the Counts of Holland in 1374. Remarkable the body was in tack and the tablet inscription said the following in Hebrew; “I am Seth, the third son of Adam. I believe in Jesus Christ, Son of God, and in the Virgin Mary, His Mother, who shall be born of my race.”

    Oh Mary, How glorious and admirable is thy name!

    Mary – “God born of our race,” as St. Ambrose, says. He would have us understand that there must be a Mother of God in this Royal race from which God Himself willed to be born, as a Son.

    Mary – “ Lady of the Sea,” says St. Athanasius, “the Mother and the Son have the same power.”

    Mary – St. Ephrem tells us that Mary signifies, “illuminated, illuminator, illuminating.”

    Oh, Mary! Light of God – Doctor, Mistress of the Sea, of the people – Mistress of the Apostles – Mistress of piety and truth. Mary! Mouth of the Church – sublime and elevated – the imitator of God by excellence...

    Listen to Saint John Eudes:

    “That same thought that the Eternal Father from all eternity had had, that His Son should be born of a virgin, is the principle of the Mother’s birth.”

    “For the same heart and the same love of the Eternal Father which led Him to give us a Man-God, urged Him also to give us a Mother of God.”

    “This Church will forever possess the heart of both Son and Mother in spite of the rage of hell”

    Sola-Scriptura? How about Solo Faith-Sura!

    For in Her unwavering faith alone, was poised the remaining faith of all of humanity, as Christ’s lifeless body hung on a cross, before Mary.

    The wonder of the sacrament of Mass is illustrated in this raw physical humanity, as Jesus is cut from the flesh of Mary. If we are the body of Christ, and He is the head, than Mary is the neck; and oh, how lovely she is! Beautiful to behold, caressed only by Christ!

    If the bread and the wine are the Body and Blood of Christ – then Mary is the Chalice. How can we receive Communion, without embracing Mary? For it was Her womb that contained Him, and it was Mary from whom He received His flesh.

    Oh Virgin Mary, my Mother, Your earthliness in the drama of redemption; is it surpassed by Your role as Queen of the Universe?

    Oh, Immaculate Heart of Mary, I pray thee, petition the Sacred Heart of Thy Divine Son, that I may find grace in His sight, and be converted.

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    Jesus' Love for His Mother !

    It seems apparent to me that Christ wasn't finished until He was convinced that His Mother was in the care of His Father. Granted, John was the vessel chosen, but John 19:28 shows us that it wasn't until "after this" that the Atonement could be completed. After what? After Christ passed his Mother's maternal love from Himself unto John, whom He Himself loved. It wasn't until after this, that Christ knew that all things were accomplished.

    This is just incredible to me. It may seem 'esoteric' to some, but I'm just reading and trying to understand, that's all.

    I got this idea from my reading of John’s Gospel, and the stunning reality that Christ's concern for His Mother is directly related to the accomplishment of the Atonement. Also, from my experience as a son, and how desperately important it was to me to know that my mother was loved. I can only imagine how our Saviour must have felt about His Mother. He was the Son of Man and experienced the pains of men, we know. It must have been almost unbearable for Him to know what His Mother was to go through - Yea, a sword shall pierce through thy own soul also.

    How much Jesus must have loved His mother as a child! Think about this with me. I cannot contain the overwhelming emotions sometimes when I think of the relationship between Jesus and Mary. I mean, I know how much I loved my mother as a child. I loved her so much. And to think that she would experience hurt would have been worse than death for me. Our Saviour’s heart must have been heavy with this reality, as He made His way towards Golgotha. I just can’t help but trust that Jesus’ love for His Mother was placed in the Father’s hands at that dreadful moment.

    My love for my mother can’t even be compared with Christ’s love for His Mary. To know that my father loved my mother was the most important thing that I needed to know as a child. A mother’s heart is like a garden that is tilled by her husband’s love. It can only blossom in the safety of a secure home, which the husband provides. I just can’t imagine what it would have been like to know that my father did not love my mother, or that she was not safe and secure.

    The most important thing that Jesus needed to know as a Child was that His Father loved His Mother. May I use John 19:27 as my proof text?

    I am reminded of when Christ took the first opportunity He had to draw His Mother’s attention towards His Father.

    Remember when little Jesus stayed behind after the Passover, at the tender age of twelve? And His Mother sought for Him sorrowing for three days? They did not know that He was not with them, but I’m sure He knew that they did not know; Joseph and Mary that is.

    What a cruel thing for a child to do to a parent, to have them think him lost, and that for three days!

    But the Child was strong in spirit, filled with wisdom, God’s grace upon Him. He knew what He was doing! All that heard Him in the temple that day were astonished at His understanding and answers, but not as much as Mary when He answered her in her dismay,

    “wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?”

    And although they did not understand Him at that time, Mary did something that she had done before,

    “but his mother kept all these sayings in her heart.”

    The whole thing was a set up, I believe. Here we see precious Jesus trying to reveal His Father - to His Mother – with Childlike faith. Oh, how Jesus must have love His Mother! I’m sorry, but please forgive me for becoming so overwhelmed…

    The most important thing that the Child Jesus needed to know from His Father was...

    Does my Mother know how much that You love Her.

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    Please Love Me ~ God

    When I think about Jesus and my Mary… I mean, can you imagine what it must have been like for Mary – to be the Mother of God, and to love Him in her humanity!?! And for Jesus to be loved by His Mom, in His humanity, and His Divinity!!!? Oh, man. For God so loved, that He gave...

    Could it be, for God so desired to be loved, that He became…

    Listen to me please. Could it be that God so desired to be loved by His creation, that this is what prompted Him to create man in the first place? So that He could become the Word become flesh, and experience the love of His mother? Isn’t this perfect benevolent love, since God is love, that He would create man to love Him because that is the means to achieve the ultimate end, that being to love God? God knew Mary from the foundations of the world. It was His desire to be loved by Her so, that influenced Him to become an infant man, so that He could be loved by Her.

    God so desperately desired to be loved by Mary.

    This is the ultimate act of love by God – to allow Himself to be loved! Because He is Love. This was the most loving thing God could do for His creature, to allow Himself to be love by him.

    Jesus Christ was the only Person who was allowed to choose His own Mother. Think about that...

    Consider the all important relationship between Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother. We cannot consider Christology without considering Mariology. The two are inseparable; both the issues and the Persons.

    Jesus Christ – One person with two natures, hypostatically united within one person: Two natures that are united in one man but yet not intermingled in any way. Two distinct natures that are separate from each other but yet together in one person; the man Jesus Christ!

    And Mary? – Mary, Mary, Mary... Conceived without sin.


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