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Gateways to Lucidity! - Learn How To Learn Dream Online

An intensive 7 week online Lucid Dreaming course with teacher and practitioner, Charlie Morley.
Starts 14th Jan 2013 Special early bird price available until Dec 8th - ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT!
Only 20 Places Available

This unique 7 week course will explore a ground-breaking new approach to lucid dreaming and conscious sleeping. The course will combine extensive instruction on “how to lucid dream” through online webinars and exclusive written material along with weekly teaching modules on how we sleep and dream. There will also be 1on1 web cam instruction from Charlie on how to wake up to life and to live lucidly with joy and confidence! By using the best of both Tibetan Buddhist and Western dream-work techniques this course offers a uniquely holistic approach to lucid dreaming and conscious sleeping with the aims of psychological growth and self discovery. All ages and abilities are welcome! Each week will focus on a new technique and new learning module, plus a weekly online “webinar” with Charlie Morley and weekly forum debates and discussions.

This 7 week course will:
  • - Give you the tools to learn how to lucid dream.
  • - Offer a unique insight into Tibetan Buddhist perspectives on lucidity.
  • - Teach you about how we sleep and dream.
  • - Explore the possibilities of psychic capacity, waking state manifestation and access to other dimensions of reality from within the lucid dream state.
  • - Help you to wake up to life and learn how to live more lucidity!

Course includes:
  • - New lucid dreaming techniques each week
  • - Online weekly webinars
  • - 1on1 Skype sessions
  • - Access to an exclusive online forum
  • - Specialised reading material & weblinks

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