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Thread: Jesus in India?

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    Step inside yourself just a little bit more, and you will know. Just a little more...deep inside. The Truth is in the pudding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chester View Post
    Step inside yourself just a little bit more, and you will know. Just a little more...deep inside. The Truth is in the pudding.
    Sure, it's in the pudding. Just like your faith.

    Dare to think, dear Chester. And if you haven't got the guts to think, then simply tell us.

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    Living with the primary realm was, in the past, more pleasing to the individual than the age of saturation in media technology. But, that was part of the reason for existence, as only my position here can now validate. Being Alphian, and occupied with selfish cause to seek recognition, one cannot see the value of successive states of soulular trials. If higher becoming were not, I would remain in the primary world — forever! Still, it would not exist without the generator of Time — the Enigmni. Primary technology as Alphian was a grand, beautiful journey when revisited in gestalten, but in singular mode, it was hell for I knew not the total immortality. I only saw death as a means to an end — my end.

    Then, living in the primary state was using the creativity of one’s mind within the immediacy of provisional, raw nature. Stone, wood, bone, fire, wind, and self-ingenuity went a long way for those of us that were first-timers (now old souls). We knew, intuitively, how to fashion tools from the basic foundation of the primary designs by the Ancient Archeons. The first Alphians were schooled from birth by the natural instincts (lessons in becoming) of living for pure survival. Observation of the environment, such as the hearing of a certain avian call, or snap of wood, or scrape of stone, could mean danger, or signal the indulgences of a festive meal.

    Knowing the meaning of nature’s messengers was everything to a long happy endurance in the pixelated realms. Passing as means of survival in this school’s classes was directly proportional to the amount of knowledge and effort put before failure and death. Survival is known to the Enigmni — well known. We learned to help and to some degree, be each other. Failure, or non-participation, insured an easy out of the clan’s security. If failure happened, it might mean a life of scavenging the land in loneliness and rejection only to die before our time. The first signal of the Alphian’s move toward the Alphi/Omegi state came when beings learned that there was a need to Love the "Other" rather than the self. Unconditional Love saw a beginning. It meant another day of the fruits of the Garden of Goge. It is evident that the Enmayi must have had something like this as a beginning.

    The camouflaged record here, obstinately shows the Enmayi blossomed into Alphian egos at the latest of dates. One would surmise that they did not enjoy the realms of the primary technology for long, but developed to the Alphi/Omegi state quickly and remained so for a very long duration. Their mystic days of the steamy forest were indeed short. The Agris were the most privileged.

    This duration now finds me standing upon the threshold of what could have been a Phase II or III civilization, one once capable of drawing the Goge system’s globes toward unity and synergy in morality, vocation, technology and spiritual expansion. All the ingredients were present in this world for the power to rule in goodness and worthiness. Yet, I find only a mystery facing me with so much data for the positive construction of an Omegon success, crushed in the last instances to the ultimate disparagement. It is as though one would reach the highest crestwave of unbridled technological knowing, enough to extrapolate a new continuum, and find chaos in its stead. Why would one be transfixed by the weight of such agglomeration? Why, indeed? As I hover over a trash-heap created by rampant greed, corruption, and fear of failure, "be-manship" seems to slide down the proverbial progress-curve’s backside to come to rest in the trough of despair. Why? If a civilization such as this was on tangent, then what hope do we Omegons have of expansion toward the highest mission of continuum exploration in the face of potential? Failure was not in our plans?

    I must remember my station and vivid potential.

    There is another view. This other vision is one of the potential for a catalyst to an even higher theosophical Divination to be represented here. Altruism not withstanding, there are plans that I am not privy to fathom. I am only the watcher. It is possible that this record of my survey, will spur us through intellectual evaluation on the FLY across the old grave to land on the next greater wave of highest passion to existence. The All, through its Enigmni shall evoke this to be so from Timelessness.

    If higher levels are achieved as a result of this fall and subsequent survey for the Omegon state, then renewed super-consciousness will expand in this sector, and the tragic end for the Enmayi will become a blessing. The consequences of it will be upheld and paid, but the result will be higher. This survey has the importance of a super-string, to wire it all together.

    Amplified change is indeed hurrying the spiraling destiny of us all toward forced decisions about this system’s future. Every trend and condition in this universe is currently being impacted, especially now, by exponential change that is blurring into mental and spiritual chaos as a result of what happened here. Yet, while synchronicity seems hidden now, the only "out-of-sync" transgressor of their combined mindlessness is eternally in view of myself and all those dead. None of us can make changes in this on-going circumstance of the foreboding Leche. Whomever created it swelters at the base of the ferment. The repercussions of such hate will resonate throughout the period of this active Goge portal.

    Omegon visualizers of future morrows cried out through the channels of the virtual spheres, in a Goge-like fashion, warning of this "period of the dark soul," a time of pain, yet bliss at the possibilities. Omegon values here on the fifth globe next to Egog the minor dog star, will never shine because of this burgeoning selfishness that ripped life from the feeble grasp of an unsuspecting populace. Their journey must, by law, start anew in the New Goge Creations. They must start again in the primary technology schools of Alphian ways.

    Emptiness fills my soul at the thought of having to start this trek once again. I am glad that I am Omegon, for now I am protected from such a failure to existence. Omegon state is forever open to me, however, I may serve the realms of Timelessness. I still feel their unaccomplishment and one tiny pain is also within me for what is coming.

    So there, I do have books I could post filled with my thoughts, Rhoode.

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    Rhoode, This forum requires one to attempt to be kind and not taunt or attempt to create havoc. I deleted your taunt and will do so again unless you attempt to act as one who respects the ideas of others including me. I have had students who acted as you do, and we worked out a system where we all learned with dialogue and respect. I expect that of you and everyone else. Discussion of points will be well received.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Xela View Post
    Some authors search of answers about where Jesus was during the "Hidden Years" from ages 12 to 30. The New Testament is silent on those years, however in India there is an ancient tradition that young Jesus joined a caravan and took the Silk Road to the East, where He lived with both Hindus and Buddhists before returning to begin His ministry.

    To what extent are these traditions based on evidence, and why does the "Pope" of Hinduism now insist that Jesus was in India? Why does Professor Elaine Pagels of Princeton University, a world-renowned Biblical scholar, say we cannot rule this out?

    There's a podcast just released about "The Secret Autobiography of Jesus the Christ" and Jesusí Lost Years not listed in the Bible, from age 13 to age 29 and other so far secret documents. Has anyone seen this??


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    I make the following comments as someone that is not a Christian. I do find weak argument quite annoying though. Most of the points against a Jesus of Nazareth existing or being the Christ are no stronger than those arguments for his existence or his being the Christ.

    "Sir John Wilkinson pointed out that 'the first cross found in Egypt belonging to the Christians is not the cross which we know from the Gospel, but the Crux Ansata, the Ankh-sign of life.'(1) The supposed emblem and proof of 'a crucified Christ is purely Egyptian, and has no relation, either direct, or typical, to crucifixion, which has been all along ignorantly assumed to give its significance to the cross. The Ankh-sign proves the Christians to have belonged to the Osirian religion originally, the Christ of which was Horus, the Christ who was continued by the Gnostics.'(2) "

    Crucifixion was a common Roman form of torture and execution. The Egyptian Ankh has absolutely nothing to do with it. It's like saying the Nazi's must have been Buddhist because their swastika was an interpretation of the Buddhist swastika.

    'Whether Jesus ever actually existed has long been debated. The argument, very well documented, is, that there is absolutely no corroborating evidence of his existence in documents, other than highly suspect Christian sources.' [R.Eisler]"

    Josephus was Jewish, not Christian.

    'If Jesus had only done half of what he is supposed to have done, then portions of that half would have been in Roman and Jewish documents written before 34 AD.' [Musing]"

    You obviously have no concept or understanding of how enormous the Roman empire was and all that happened within it.

    'As Kenneth Humphreys points out ( www.jesusneverexisted.com/surfeit.htm ), Josephus, Tacitus and Suetonius weren't even born in 33 AD.' [Musing]"

    So, someone has to be alive during the same time of a person or event to be able to write about it? I find great fault in point 48.

    I could go on picking at these arguments but I do not have the time. I just ask everyone to keep in mind there are three sides to every story: his side, her side, and the truth.

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    iohannesdavidus Guest
    I recommend everyone take a look at a book called "LAMB" by Christopher Moore. It is a very lighthearted look at the lost years of Jesus as told by his best friend Biff. It is a fun book.

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    I am hindu munk 40 years ,yes he was in india according to the vedas , hindu books . he was in india during the missing years in his youth learing sanskrit from munks. hindus say he was a incarnation same as budhha ,rama ect,
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    I like this thread and I agree that it should be kept positive and constructive, no need for "conflict" (there is enough of that else where )

    Have you already read or seen of Maurice Cotterell and The Secret of the Super Gods...?
    I find that a rather interesting view point... he basically highlights that all "key figures" so to say (don't want to use any terms) are one and the same! Incarnations, trying to communicate the same message, in different ways and adjusted to the time and environment?!

    Personally, I have had quite a "history" within Religion and more... myself and I must say that through everything I have come to one conclusion. Which I have "summarized" in this short video, hope you enjoy it! (there would only be one thing to add to that... "Love"!

    DNA at Wake Up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rudrapanditdas View Post
    I am hindu munk 40 years ,yes he was in india according to the vedas , hindu books . he was in india during the missing years in his youth learing sanskrit from munks. hindus say he was a incarnation same as budhha ,rama ect,
    First of all - Jesus like Christos is a very old title. The portico inside the Great Pyramid has Iesa over it - that translates to Jesus whereas Yeshua does not. But the Historical Jesus ( A book worth reading if someone really wants to learn rather than all the ignorance on the subject. It is written by John Dominic Crossan.) did travel as did Moses and most historical people of wealth and stature. He was not a poor carpenter nor was his father - see The Septuagint. He went to Wales and spoke at the mines of his father-in-law - Joseph of Arimathaea who was the Roman Minister of Mines. He went to America and probably right where the Qumran ashram was when I lived in Belize - it is no longer there but his brother James was the leader of Qumran. The church in India set up by his brother Thomas still exists. The Dag Hammadi books like the Gospel of Thomas with the Bloom foreword is also worth learning from in case anyone actually seeks knowledge here - doubtful. Japan is a probable place along with other stops along the way on his world tour.

    Here are some places to try to find in the Bible research - Kush (not merely south of Egypt), Arimathaea (not Almathea) Tarshis (not just one place really), Gog and Magog, Punt.

    Buddhists say Buddha is not an incarnation and/or will never re-incarnate. I would say that is a wise perspective but it is good to realize Nirvana is not something most people and ego will ever grasp.
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