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Thread: No Aliens or UFOs Involved

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    No Aliens or UFOs Involved

    New theory revealed Baalbek Megalithic stone building

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    The author acknowledges the need to bring truth to readers over many rumors about how Baalbek was built. It is a new theory unknown to many archeologists and suspicious scientists.It is untrue that aliens existed and were involved in building the megalithic stone temple of Baalbek.

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    For one who loves the study of ancient concepts such as the source of the Nephilim and the great artifacts of the Pharaohs, I cringe at the thought that this new bunch of Muslim Brotherhood types might try to destroy all of Egypt's birthright as they did in Afghanistan when they blew up the massive Buddha in the mountain. Knowing how fanatical they are in their beliefs, one worries about those of us who have concerns about other aspects of cultural importance to the world. Will the study of Egypt's grand past be interrupted by this youthful, yet uncontrolled zeal?

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