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Thread: The University of Mind...

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    The University of Mind...

    We are currently attempting to reclaim the knowledge and wisdom of our Ancient Past. This is the Brain Storming section of this attempt. It is the contention of this group that prior to the Carolina Bays Event our world was highly sophisticated to such a degree that we could move about in the universe to create unbelievable products and concepts via the massive presence of knowledge and wisdom on the highest of levels. We wish to reclaim that level for our new generations with programs and services that will start a whole new echelon of humanity. We think that Egypt holds the clues to who or how this came to them through zep tepi. Their artifacts are just too sophisticated to have been created by savages but by minds on the highest levels. We want to learn from R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz and Manly P. Hall by using them as points-of-departure to explore new realms of thought. Join us in this forum to expand upon how we can arrive at a new University of Mind.

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    Well, but what we are taught here is more or less wrong. Look at the wisdom of "The Medium".

    Then I met one creature from the realm of the “dead”,
    proud of my knowledge, thinking of many things which I've learned,
    but to my surprise his eyes were really sad,
    he only looked down at me and slowly said:

    „Learning from the medium all what you know,
    you didn't get knowledge, you only saw lie grow.
    Seeing in the medium all what you have seen,
    it mainly gave you false picture of how it has really been.“
    Unusual spiritual writings

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