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Thread: Ancient Astronauts - Fact or Fiction?

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    Jonnylab Guest
    Just want to share something that I recalled a conversation with my late uncle. These I think can explain some of the mysteries around us and maybe need to look further into it.
    The conversation started when I asked something about the roots of man. I was startled by his answers. He said we are on the fifth era of mankind. Every era started after a great destruction. My uncle was a religious man and his answer always related to the religious believes. He said every destruction came after man lost their faith and after few reminders from God and they still won't repent. God unleashed total destruction to them and wiped out their civilizations almost without a trace. Only a few survived, mostly they who still believe in God. Bringing with them a bit of knowledge because most of the believers are not engineer or scholars. What they brought is only their religion. That's why mostly only religion and believes can stand through time. He continued, now we are on the fifth era, waiting for the final era and two more destructions. Big words for a little boy to hear.
    After watching a documentary about Ancient Astronauts a few weeks ago, those conversation ring back to my mind. I tried to relate it to what I watched and I got a few similarities.
    1) The eras or phases of mankind are almost the same as Mayan, Hopi and several religions. And they all said some kind of important events happened before the new time of mankind.
    2) There are some civilizations, devices or technology gadgets that are way beyond our time. This shows that there are ancient knowledges back then relate it to the Law of life once stated cycles of human is zero, baby, grownups, old, zero again(died).
    3)In the Bible, Qoran and even Mahabratha, they told stories of ancient civilizations with high sophisticated technologies that we couldn't trace or we can trace but they don't fit the puzzle of our time. This means they are from other time. Is Atlantis comes into this category? I really don't know. What I know it don't fit in our time, only the ancient Egyptians knew.
    4)Scientists said there is a huge gap between the creation of Earth to the time that they thought the first man ever exist on Earth. They can't explain why there is this huge gap and what happen through this time.
    5)These three events still puzzling us. Dinosaurs, Noah's Ark and giant humans.Nobody can exactly knows. We have the proof that shows they do exist but we don't have a bit of clue about them.
    6)The story of the Great Big Flood that been told all around the world where every race has its own versions. But, the similarities of all the versions are it did happened all over the world and only a few survived the catastrophy. What even puzzling me more is why they don't just rebuilt back their civilizations. What I can think of is numbers and methods. They don't have the numbers to rebuilt back and most of their knowledges were lost during the flood.

    For me, this all shows that not aliens that taught us but we just rediscovered back our knowledges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanallan View Post
    I dont believe in the Tower of Babel story.

    Read my views here.
    Interesting write up.

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    We All... Love It... But Here... Is... Something New... Any Thoughts On The Pictures... I Have Posted...

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    I have watched all the Ancient Alien shows on the history channel(s) and I am pleased to see that many of my thoughts on these subjects are spot on with other "Ancient Alien Therorists" beliefs.

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    Gods are Aliens, Aliens are Gods. Spirituality exists to a certain extent and there is certainly a place where all the notions and all such things meet!

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    IT is true they talk of ancient astronauts as a hindu munk for 40 years i study alot of old sanskrit,vedas old hindu books they speak of aliens,astronauts,gods or what you like to call the travelers , if you want to talk or learn more look up yourslef what we believe to be true and post it here , I believe they were here in the past and still watch us sometimes to near to earth mostly from afar away from watching eyes they do wonder what we will do next and how far we can go into space and how we are destorying ourselves.

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    The circle of life! the human civilization after a certain time will vanish, like the several civilizations that existed and vanished from the face of the earth, leaving clues about their existance in the form of giant monuments that are difficult to build today even with our technology, always there has been a calamity that distroyed an entire race leaving no way to track them.

    OR may be they left earth as they might have found a different planet .

    BTW i am james and live in india.

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