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Thread: What is the Akashik Grimoire?

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    J. O. Slocombe Guest

    What is the Akashik Grimoire?

    Why would aliens ever walk among us? What technologies were lost to us during the great cataclysm? What is the ultimate destiny of humanity? How did we interact with our Neanderthal cousins? Where do vampires come from?
    Is our current loneliness in the universe enforced for our own protection?

    My short stories pave the way to a novel that will unravel the mystery that binds us all.

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    The answers are coming.

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    Some magicians will tell you that most of what the Necronomicon truly is remains in the Akashic records, meaning it can only be channeled.

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    There are numerous names for the collective energy in this event horizon or solar system. Some include Ein Sof, Heaven, and Hell (the Pope admitted do not exist in 2000) Nirvana, Bardol Thodul and other Thodul states in the books of the dead which like the Necronomicon can be viewed without death but are nonetheless not as real as their originators claim. Yes, manipulation of the energy we live in has been done far longer than some cataclysmic myth of Noahdist origin. Atlantis was all over the world and not in one place like Bimini or Thera. Vampires are adepts of such groups as the Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians according to Nicholas De Vere who is head of the Dragon court and Royal family groups, and I address this in my main article here of late. Neanderthal is VERY important to discuss and definitely interbred with other hominids but what people assisted this inter-breeding - if any. Last year art was found dating to more than 500,000 years ago in Indonesia. My work has been prophetic it seems. I was writing about Flores Island before the Hobbit was found there, telling how dating artifacts to over 825,000 years ago was important because this island was not attached to land for over 2,000,000 years. I think the DNN or D'Ainu may have worked with Neanderthals and engaged in genetic manipulations - not aliens.

    And for those who value DNA (which is constantly proving my history) we have this.
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    Thank you R-Baird!

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