Existence: A means of motivation in a physical state!--/--Being, becoming, leveraging existence by and through the mind being assembled in a vehicle or vehicles to become an entity in Time/Space! The atmosphere is inundated with thought expressed multifacetedly, holographically everywhere and always in ongoing mentality in varying degrees of expression! It is mind unending, forever yet one mentality or many striving to become entities of worth and becoming worthy to its own aspirations that supersede to higher realms. Geometrically expanding, Mind growing in unison adds to higher gains when its parts work for the whole!

Mind inundates and expresses everywhere riding the Light of the universes! Mind finds itself in its own creation/s as it enters physicality churning within and without in the elements and principles of of deified design! The growth crystallization of mind as it enters the seed of creation blossoms forth in a leveraged condition within the confines of the becoming expression! I ride the Light!