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Thread: The Power of The Message...Awe.

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    Dimensional Presence — A condition where an entity mentally cognizes or thinks that he/she is present in existence or reality by discerning stimuli (atmosphere, environs, information and things) that suggest he/she is alive due to the feedback of instantaneous information to the Carrier’s mentality or mind. All sensory data gives the feeling that they exist reinforced by the constant input of past history. Memory is key to the feeling of progressing into potential. One wonders if such a presence has built from a condition of Always. Such a condition of eternally existing as a mentality in many states of expression is who and what we are here in Time/Space. Dimensional Presence coalesces via some means of manifestation into a package of informational dynamics that moves into and through a materializing state supported by an organizational apparatus that directs echeloned dissipation of preplanned articulation. To be requires preparational system/s of established instigators and expressers that can methodically synthesize consistently through a framework of laws and actions off those means of assembly. We should be totally amazed toward awe that we get to be here at all…Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is. Thus is the Crux of Being and Becoming.
    And to summarize in a few words we have - "To Be or Not to Be". Yes, the great bard did "glimpse the waves of the marvellous" as Victor Hugo did say. Others say we are spiritual beings having a brief illusory physical experience. Question is - will circuitous non-factual verbiage lead mankind towards a beingness of value that doesn't diminish what could be "nobler". And then there is "To Be or Not" before becoming and then knowing the choice at a personal level rather than accepting what "seems to BE' without question.

    In Gnostic terms we are all delivered as ignorant creatures with the ability "to BE" more. But the Gospel of Thomas can be misinterpreted as it is to some extent in the following link. When it refers to "the bubbling spring" it is using code which goes way back (IMHO). Nature nourishes but priests and mere mental masturbation take the discipline out of true learning thus one should choose "NOT to be" what others want and rather take "one more step towards the waves of the marvellous" which Hugo says you can do by asking what Shak-his-spear meant. Yes, that is one of the spellings that exists while wee willy was with us.

    In Islam there is a reflection of Egyptian thought regarding creation - and an allegory I say. The original symbols are indeed powerful connections to consciousness (see Daniel Matt's "Unsheathing the Soul" which I think I have included here). Collective consciousness of all that is - is g_d in many religious roots or origins. Lay people do not understand enough to separate myth from fact. Islam talks about commands through words which are almost like conscious script in a similar manner - thus 'Kun' is a command to come into existence or to become manifest or "BE". (A description of creation)

    Bernard Mandeville brings us the Fable of the Bees which Childeric, Napoleon and the Sarmoung Brotherhood of the esoteric secret groups including the Merovingians (and the Melchizedek Mormons) use as a main symbol. He says 'Virtue is just a pretence which man has invented for his own advantage.'

    Would you agree that a real power of the mind is the ability to cause the wind and rain to behave as you wish? The Yamabushi shamans who arrange healing firewalking (see thread Firewalkers) do the smoke moving which I have seen Wiccans and Native shamans do. But St. Columba did it as an Arch-Druid demonstrating his power to another Druid in a well-known historical account. I have been party to something similar as well.

    This paper deals with the effect we can have on how large our brain will be, how our species adapts and the interplay with genetic structure to generate the ability to speak.
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