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Thread: New Sun temple found in Bulgaria

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    Dude Guest

    New Sun temple found in Bulgaria

    They've found a Temple in Bulgaria. The same city where they've found a 8000-year old skeleton, I think. Sadly, there are no pictures of it (the temple) yet... at least I didn't find any.

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    Siouxie Guest


    Hi Dude,

    This is amazing! Its made my week at least & pictures are finally now available. Some people were expecting something far more magnificent, but it is important to remember that it was dug OUT of tonnes of rock, not erected above the ground like other sites such as stone henge & yes Dude, you are correct. It was discovered beside Ohoden, which is where the "First" European was discovered.

    (The photograph wont work, so follow the link below. If you do not trust, you can find out the full URL by entering the below address into the tinyurl webite)

    I would love to hear people's theories on the connection between the different Megaliths around the world.
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    Is it safe to consider Bulgarian archaeology at present? They seem to be disregarded at present since they tend to sculpt these sites to fit the need, at least I have read such.

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    Isabel Guest
    Thanks a bunch for sharing the link to the information and the link to the photos, it is so exsiting to find out information of this kind!

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    very good article really superb

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    I thought sun temples are found only in India. India is famous for many amazing sun temples, I know that sun temple also tells the time based on the sunlight of sun. But the pictures posted in your article does not give any signs of sunlight watch. Please give us more information and pictures of Sun Temple.
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