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Thread: Ancient History Chronology

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    Ancient History Chronology

    Since my early childhood, I have been inspired and excited by ancient and medieval history. I also have a good memory, which allows me to remember historical events, dates, names, and related details. So, after reading many history books, I analysed and compared the information and, little by little, I began to feel that there was something wrong with the dates of antiquity. There were too many discrepancies and contradictions that could not be explained within the framework of traditional chronology.
    Knowledge of our history timeline is important, and not only for historians. If indeed the dates of antiquity are incorrect, there could be profound implications for our beliefs about the past, and also for science. Historical knowledge is important to better understand our present situation and the changes that take place around us. Important issues such as global warming and environmental changes depend on available historical data. Astronomical records could have a completely different meaning if the described events took place at times other than those provided by traditional chronology. I trust that the younger generation will have no fear of "untouchable" historical dogma and will use contemporary knowledge to challenge questionable theories. For sure, it is an exciting opportunity to reverse the subordinate role science plays to history, and to create completely new areas of scientific research.
    The above is part of guest article by Garry Kasparov

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    Very "timely" excerpt. It is impossible to be absolutely objective in writing about history, much the less about pre-history, when instead of written documents we have rock carvings, when the archaeological remains have been ravaged by the pass of millennia, and when the artifacts have been retrieved mostly from tombs. The academic interpretations equate the lack of archaeological remains to no-existence, from where only very limited hypothesis can arise. Restraining judgment only to the physical evidences can render interpretations as deviate from reality as giving free rein to the imagination, both equally off the mark. (

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    The biggest knowledge that exists is eternal and always the same. Everything is repeating itself eternally. There is a time dimension in which all the events can be seen. There is a Centre of all, an AllDimension. And the oldest ancient knowledge is in it.
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