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Thread: Gateways Of The Mind - London 2013 - Last chance for Early Bird Discounted Tickets

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    Gateways Of The Mind - London 2013 - Last chance for Early Bird Discounted Tickets

    Gateways Of The Mind - Lucid Dreaming, OBE and Shamanic dream event.
    Today is the last chance for Early Bird Tickets!

    This years awesome line-up includes:
    *William Buhlman - 'How OBE's Can Improve Your Life!'
    *Stanley Krippner Ph.D - 'Shamanic Dream Practices Of The World'
    *Michael Winn- 'Taoist Dream Yoga'
    *Tim Freke- 'Lucid Living'
    *Clare Johnson - 'Using Lucid Dreaming As A Creative Tool'
    *Luigi Sciambarella - 'The Exploration Of Altered States & Belief Systems'
    *Martin Duffy - 'Shamanic Dream Practices Of The British Isles'
    *Hosted by - Charlie Morley

    Full info on all the speakers and more details on their presentations and practical exercises can be found on the event website - Gateways London

    In addition to the amazing speaker line up this years event will also include:

    *A pre-event social night at the Tabernacle with all the speakers, including live music and a raffle draw for charity with some amazing prizes
    *Live sound performances from Sound Intent , Second Nature & Bwiti Ben. All of whom will be performing meditative, healing and shamanic sounds and rhythms that will fit with the flow and theme of the event - further adding to your dreamscape experience
    *A dream and shamanic art exhibition featuring work from 'Multi-dimensional Man' - Jurgen Ziewe amongst others

    If that wasnt already enough to make your buy your ticket to Gateways Of The Mind then here are 4 other good reasons why you should sign up NOW:

    *Be part of this years biggest lucid dreaming and out of body get together. More than 250 people are expected to attend this years event.
    *Listen to some of the finest consciousness explorers around discuss and then demonstrate their own experiences and techniques. You will be learning directly from some of the most advanced teachers in this field!
    *Share an extra-ordinary 2 day experience with fellow like minded people. 2 days filled with incredible teachings, sound healing, performances, meditations, demonstrations and other amazing audio and visual surprises.
    *Meet the teachers directly both during the event and also at a special pre-event social function (not yet officially announced!)

    This is your last chance folks for getting your special early bird discounted ticket. There are now only about 20 tickets left at the price of 105. After Wednesday 31st July the tickets will increase to the normal rate of 150 right up to the day the event starts.

    If you want to learn about the following then this events for you:
    - How to incorporate Qi-gong and Taoist dream practices into your lucid dreaming
    - Discover how lucid dreaming can help your creative side
    - The native shamanic dream traditions from both the British Isles and various indigenous cultures of the world
    -How to use mindfulness and lucid dreaming to create a lucid life
    - Incorporate new techniques into your OBE practice
    - Realise how your belief systems can either restrict or enhance your lucid dream or OBE's

    To book your ticket and get one of the last few remaining discounted tickets - click this link now -
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