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The Abydos Glyphs
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Thread: The Abydos Glyphs

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    Azalea Guest

    The Abydos Glyphs


    There is no doubt, whatsoever, that these glyphs are definitely of a helicopter, "land speeder", submarine, a larger flying vehicle - maybe a virmana?

    To the left of these, something else appears...they are a water creature of some type. A quick search found a creature resembling it called a "Gulper Eel", or maybe a "Long Nose" Chimaera. These two give me the creeps. There is a chick on a 1/2 sun which bisects the Helicopter.

    Then, just to the left of that is an obvious insect. It definitely resembles a wasp. It's difficult to see what the symbols on the right of the flying machines.

    Their commonality is what we probably need to focus on. So, what do a wasp (insect), a sea creature with a whip like tail, a chick on a sun, and the flying machines - water or air - have in common?

    Every one of the items flies - either in the air, over land, or in the water. Perhaps the creatures were placed there to let us know, for certain, that those machines are definitely flying vehicles of some kind.

    But, how? Since they exist no other place, we could assume that it could be one of two things...1) A prophet, unknown, had visions, and had these carved into the stone, or 2) Time Travel.

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    Time is an illusion as is space. You have experienced it many times in the reality of your dreams.

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    When I look at ancient Egypt, I see messages posted for those in the future to take at face value. I see advanced backgrounds seeping through to us today to understand whereof they spoke to us in glyphs that can be understood. Their engineering expertise is phenomenal and beyond our ability to decipher apparently. There is something "Big" in their messages and we should try to go beyond the simplistic expressions that current archaeology tries to put off on us.

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    sibila Guest
    One thing that has always amazed me in Egypt it that the farthest you go into the past, the greatest the technology - see the Great Pyramid! We are not able yet to surpass it.

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    Sibila, you are exactly right with that astute observation. I wish we could get past the rhetoric from the realm of academia and go to the meat of things with the truth. I agree with you and I too believe that we were more advanced on this Earth in the ancient past.

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    Siouxie Guest
    The way in which man behaves now, in my opinion, is awfully similar to when man refused to accept any possiblity about our solar system, other than that we on earth were the centre of it.
    There was a refusal to believe that we are not the epitome of all.
    Such as now, many refuse to believe that our ancestors had reached a stage of further advancement in the past. Why is this so hard to believe? Why must people equate advancement with time. These people believe in linear time with unbreakable laws. Many appear to take offence to claims that we are not the greatest that have ever lived. There seems to be almost; a form of jealousy that we have not surpassed our ancestors.

    There have been many golden ages in history & there have been many declines that followed. I believe, in many senses, we have been in a declination which we are finally emerging from.

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    mangoveg Guest
    That's a good point. And we should not forget that before the pyramids, the European Atlantic megalith builders were already erecting sites such amazing as the Alignments of Carnac or the stone ring of Avebury. Going backwards in time does not imply going back in knowledge, as the mainstream scientific community wants us to believe. I elaborate on this topic at http://onemysteryless.wordpress.com

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    bopetgriffin Guest
    For the reason that this place is for stone topic issue what can you say on dominican coral stone? what is the advantage of this stone from other kind of stones...

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    I don't know. More similar to another hoax or another fake on ancient Egypt.

    Maybe the ancient artist has depicted insects?

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    Yes, and what some of you are saying is that this proves aliens are involved? No - you can't even fly a helicopter out of our atmosphere.

    Chester's comment about Time (and it is definitely not linear though at local and normal event horizons it appears as such) opens the door. That door includes Time Viewing such as people like Da Vinci have done with the help of a Stone. Did I post my article on Father Ernetti and his chronovisor? Did you see the entry on Vril power?

    I just posted a Da Vinci article explaining his helicopter and other things.

    Please excuse the horrid spelling on this Random House promotion of Rudgley's book - which is well worth reading.


    I make no excuses for what this link says.


    This article gets a lot right about Zahi Hawass.


    Time Viewing is already a fact but here is a starting point to travel from.

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