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    John Wroe

    I've recently discovered that a 19th century preacher called John Wroe was born and lived near my home. He founded the Christian Israelite Church but aside from some general Wikipedia information and the undoubtedly biassed views of the existing church I can find very little information about him. Does anyone know more about his story?

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    He is no different from many other delusional people who get very sick and see things; then think they speak for G-d. Others think they are in constant contact with aliens or draw inspiration through writings that are not g_d given but are frauds.

    [PDF]Journal of Mormon History Vol. 25, No. 1, 1999

    Jan 1, 1999 - Brothers's apparent disciple, John Wroe, began receiving his own revelations in 1819 and soon ...... in the delusions of the mentally ill. ...... the first LDS attempt to proselyte Jews directly and produced a book for- mulating ...

    I am hearing about a Johannes Arose who is John Wroe and was sent to America (booted out) of the Isles.
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