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Thread: Urgent message to the world

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    Urgent message to the world

    MESSAGE TO THE WORLD! Every night at approximately 11 p.m. I receive the following apocalyptic and eschatological messages. Three times I thought they were finished and published them three times: One at 40 pages, one at 70 pages and one at 95 pages. But now they are 180 pages and still coming!

    It was eventually shown me these are "interior interlocutions." Many of these were written in 2 minutes at a time when I was the most tired.

    I am not trying to sell a book compilation as I am convinced these may go on for some time. This is why all are posted at the above link. But if researchers want to know more please go to and search "MESSAGE TO THE WORLD by Volk" where you can read for free the Foreword in the Preview.... Without a doubt, these Messages have to get out!

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    The authors have deleted the site - it says. We should delete it too.

    Psychosis is close to genius and the Heyoka native path valued such nonsense for good reason. Unfortunately some people take this stuff literally.

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