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Thread: Giza Pyramid Alignment

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    Giza Pyramid Alignment

    We received this email request:

    Dear World-Mysteries
    I tried to get this to Bauval and Hancock, then Colette Dowell, ND
    No result
    I request you send it on, please.

    M Miller
    Whistle Blower on CIA/Mossad takeover of Australia

    Dear Lady,

    I am referred to you by Anthony Bauval's newsletter and hope you are well
    The only reason i have sent you a copy of this e-mail (To Alan Alford, debunker) is a belief that the stalled investigation and excavation of the spaces under the Giza plateau
    by Mubarak (as Pharoah) and SCA's Dr Hawass is because they have already lost three lives seeking the easiest and closest space divulged by the West/Scoch Microwave radar analysis
    This is from a similar effect to Caernarvon's curse at Tutankhamen (Tutenkhaten) in the Valley of the Kings, but more powerful and thus intimidating to those who have "wrong motive" for their interest
    Cayce's prophecy involves three who enter the "Hall of Records" first, and then a hiatus until it becomes freely available to all humanity

    I believe i hold a key to successful entry and i hope to be advised by you that this (outrageous ?) claim has been passed on to those who have "led the charge" for so many years, Messrs Bauval and Hancock

    Thankyou for your consideration


    Dear Alan
    The debunking of Hancock and Bauval seems to miss the most important placement of the Great Pyramid shafts at equinoxes over the last few thousand years to Sirius and Orion, the mass/geometry of the three pyramids "as above so below" Earth and Orion
    Job 9:9, 38:31, Amos 5:8, Isaiah 13:10 , where the Prophet refers to "Kesilshim", "Constellations of Orion", implying he knew of the Great Nebula and the Horsehead in this grouping (the only mention of a Constellation 4 times in the Torah)
    Job was "written by Moses" and these two texts quoted are important because they are mentioned just before "The Sons of Ash", how will you conduct (yourselves with them) ?
    Followers of Roswell/Area 51/Dulse Base 1968 interactions review that question daily, as the Nephilim are still here doing what they were reported as doing in the early Torah descriptions of Joshua

    I find West's evidence disturbed on two counts,
    1 He and the US Geological Review were not allowed to publish his hypothesis on serious intervention from someone above Egypt's SCA
    2 His ground microwave radar analysis results, showing magnetic anomalies (hollow spaces) under the Plateau at Giza, some the size of an aircraft hangar was accepted by the authorities and then he himself was made "persona non grata" at Giza

    Someone in a high office did not want Aliens or Orion or a less than 2650 BC Date to exist in the public imagination,
    Suppression is the first symptom of untruth, which does not imply the date of 10450 BC to be utterly correct, just making the suppressors of information on Planet Earth somewhat nervous, like the Phobos 1 and 2, Mars Observer 1 and 2 demise to cylindrical metal objects travelling, according to Phobos 2's camera, at 18,000 mph from the Artificial satellite, not a moon
    The face on Mars also contained the Lion motif at least at high noon according to JPL analysis

    Speculating from the scuttlebutt, the Mubarak Pharaonic regime sent some soldiers to investigate the West Radar tapes and they died
    I know why this would occur and perhaps it makes Caernarvon's curse pale by comparison

    As to the Anubis and dogs body of the Sphink conjecture, the Lioness, Serkhet/Sekhmet "The eye of Ra", was a legend which would fit with the Constellation Leo if seen as a Lioness
    Certainly after the frenzied reaction to West's geological survey of the Sphinx, Osiron and Great Pyramid to "eliminate the evidence", part of the evidence eliminated was the Lioness rear end of the Sphinx
    I do agree with you that the Sphinx face was altered by Khufu
    I do not think that Howard Vyse should be accepted as anything more than an adventurous forger and that the Stele between the Sphinx's paws is plagiarist
    and hope the UPUAT device will shed light on the Shafts and their eternal pointing to Sirius and Orion at Equinoxes

    Thankyou for your consideration

    M Miller
    Whistle Blower on CIA/Mossad activities in Australia

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    Indeed, I have meditated upon much of what is held herein and agree that we have not allowed the truth of Egypt to be shown. Now a great war has entered upon the stage of world history in this area, and the participants of this experiment will once again be forced into dumbness by the practitioners of lies. It is a pity but one must look at the players in this gambit. All have a stake in this massive lie and we the people of this planet will have to wait for the game to end. One way is to meditate and see the amplification of the messge by your own mentality. The truth is held within the records for all to see if one opens his mentality.

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    Gathering together fringe views and elements and binding them together with the glue of conspiracy has never been, is not now, nor will it ever be the truth nor will it lead to the truth. Mubarak and Hwass no longer hold the positions they once held and the more recent, higher detailed images of the supposed face on mars show that it isn't and never has been a face.

    A great diversity of opinion exists as to the authorship of the book of Job. Two Talmudic traditions hold that Job either lived in the time of Abraham or of Jacob. Levi ben Laḥma held that Job lived in the time of Moses, by whom the Book of Job was written. Others argue that it was written by Job himself, or by Elihu, or Isaiah. From internal evidence, such as the similarity of sentiment and language to those in the Psalms and Proverbs (see Psalms 88 and 89), the prevalence of the idea of "wisdom," and the style and character of the composition, it is supposed by some to have been written in the time of King David and King Solomon. Some, however place it in around the time of the Babylonian exile. Talmudic tradition treats the story of Job as a parable.

    The bold part is most likely and indicates it is not based on factual accounts of anything.

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    Giza pyramid shaft and sphinx faces toward Leo ,orion and sirius. As ancients megalithis and pyramid builders knew the purpose of their work , ancient persian encoded jewish god - Jehovah as creator of Orion . . . in Torah . The whole Torah is Persian Temple Priests work rather than . .

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    Two Talmudic traditions hold that Job either lived in the time of Abraham or of Jacob. Levi ben Laḥma held that Job lived in the time of Moses, by whom the Book of Job was written. Others argue that it was written by Job himself, or by Elihu, or Isaiah.

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    Go to facebook and log in "eagle eye dimensions". observe my timeline,cover photo,profile picture and album.

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    I cover the Ra story a little in Keltic Seafaring I think.

    This article gets a lot right about Zahi Hawass.

    And Cayce.

    Philip Gardiner gives us astronomical alignments that pre-date the building of the Great Pyramid but are a little later than those in the Emerald Isles who travelled everywhere building megaliths. We do need to remember many megalithic sites including Stonehenge had earlier henges and astronomical observatories of a smaller nature or made from wood. So the origin of the knowledge is likely FAR older.

    New Dawn Magazine brings us another great article which touches on all so many threads.

    Secret Mysteries of the Sun Revealed

    February 15, 2014 By davidjones

    PP 41-45 Sun WPurdin_FIG10


    From 1209-1249 one of the worst genocides in history was conducted against the Cathars, a heretical sect in southern France. Pope Innocent III, promising gold and indulgences (the remission of punishment due for sins) in exchange for the blood of the Cathars, sent 30,000 crusaders into France to massacre the Cathars and their supporters.

    The Cathars were hunted, tortured, burned at the stake and savagely murdered by the Church’s hired killers. Estimates place the total number of Cathars and sympathisers murdered between 300,000 and 1,000,000 men, women and children. Throughout this bloodbath, an amazing phenomenon was witnessed. The Cathars did not express fear, anger or pain, but only bliss, despite the most horrendous atrocities committed against them. What were they on?

    According to William Henry in Mary Magdalene: The Illuminator, it was a psychoactive substance produced by the brain – the Cathars had learned the techniques necessary to produce it from the secret teachings of Jesus. It was called Christos (anointing oil) by the Essenes, who passed on their secrets to Jesus from Moses, who had obtained them in Egypt from descendants of the banished Atonite priests of Akhenaton.

    These teachings involve the power of the sun and the power of the spoken word and constitute what I call “the mysteries of the sun.” They were part of the Egyptian, Babylonian and Greek mysteries, and the Gnostic teachings of the early Christians and secret societies. They have been given to every culture by great adepts as means of enlightening the minds of the people and freeing them from the darkness of ignorance and superstition.

    In this article, I will briefly examine the life and teachings of the founders of various mystery schools in the Middle East and Mediterranean area from the Pharaoh Thutmose III to Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov. There were other mystery schools in India, China, Peru and elsewhere, but the ones I have chosen represent a continuity that spanned millennia and formed the spiritual roots of the Judeo-Christian heritage.

    The story of the mysteries of the sun is as old as mankind and as new as the latest scientific breakthrough. In 1882, Ignatius Donnelly published Atlantis: The Antediluvian World. In this book, he argued convincingly that Atlantis had established colonies in Peru, Egypt and elsewhere and that the mythologies and mysteries of these peoples represented the original religion of the Atlanteans, which was a form of sun worship.

    He wrote, “The religion of the Atlanteans, as Plato tells us, was pure and simple; they made no regular sacrifices but fruits and flowers; they worshipped the sun. In Peru a single deity was worshipped, and the sun, his most glorious work, was honoured as his representative. Quetzalcoatl, the founder of the Aztecs, condemned all sacrifice but that of fruits and flowers. [We can see how far the Aztec religion degenerated over the centuries to the low point of human sacrifice by the time of the Conquest.] The first religion of Egypt also was pure and simple; its sacrifices were fruits and flowers; temples were erected to the sun, Ra, throughout Egypt. In Peru the great festival of the sun was called Ra-mi.”

    Between pre-dynastic Egypt and the eighteenth dynasty, the “pure and simple” solar religion of Egypt became very corrupt and complicated. There were several sun gods and a whole host of minor gods. The priesthood was rich and powerful and the people depended on them for magic amulets, praying to the gods on their behalf and giving them a proper elaborate send-off into the afterlife. Fruits and flowers were no longer fitting sacrifices; animals took their place.

    Enter Pharaoh Thutmose III. A younger son of Amenhotep I, he owed his rule to the intervention of the priesthood of Amen-Ra who, in a religious ritual invoking the will of Amen-Ra, appointed him pharaoh, even though he was not in line for the succession. Thutmose realised that the priesthood was becoming too powerful and sought to curb their power by outwardly paying obeisance to Amen-*Ra, but secretly worshipping Aton and supporting a separate priesthood of Aton at Heliopolis who were loyal to the throne.

    Under his rule, Thutmose III permitted the common people to indulge in all their fanciful beliefs and superstition such as magic amulets. He believed that a gradual change in the existing religious beliefs could be more easily and permanently accomplished by establishing a secret mystery school, the students of which would put into practice higher standards. He wanted to gradually infuse into Egyptian religion from the top down those mysteries, myths and rites that would raise the people to a higher understanding and morality.

    Thus, in 1489 BCE he founded a secret mystery school, the Order of the Rose Cross, which the Rosicrucians claim descent from and which still exists today. Members of this mystery school were called the Therapeutea, meaning “physicians of the soul.” The sungazing Essene sect of Alexandria later adopted this name and the rosy-cross symbol.

    William Henry, in The Healing Sun Code, linked the rosy-cross and the Rosicrucian secrets with the “rising of the Healing Sun, the source of life and wisdom.” I recently talked to a woman who studied Egyptology for 25 years and knew about Thutmose III and the Rosicrucians. She told me that she once knew a Rosicrucian lady, who every time she felt ill would face the sun and do a special breathing exercise in which she would breath in the fire of the sun to burn impurities in her body. She lived to be very old. This technique was part of the secret teachings of the Rosicrucians, which they were very careful not to reveal to the uninitiated.

    Another technique used by Thutmose III and members of his order was the use of healing rods while sungazing (see Figure 1). These were copper and zinc tubes that contained hardened coal and magnetite respectively. They were reintroduced to the world by the Russian mystic Count Stefan Colonn Walewski, who was a member of a sungazing mystery school in the Caucasian Mountains. They amplify the current that passes through the body between the sun and earth while sungazing, enhancing meditation and quickening healing and the development of psychic powers.

    Thutmose III’s son and grandson continued with the mystery school and the cult of Aton, but it wasn’t until his great grandson, Akhenaton, took the throne that things came to a head."
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