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Thread: Genesis Quest research group exploring the origins of civilization

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    Genesis Quest research group exploring the origins of civilization

    Hello, the Archaeological research group Genesis Quest is a research organization using the latest technologies to discover the origins of civilization and the real methods used to build and design those mysterious remnants.

    We are in a contest for funding to research Human origins and Unexplained technologies.

    Please vote for us and share this link
    Founder Showcase: 15th Founder Showcase Pitch Competition with ALL your friends and groups you're in. With your active help in garnering votes for our effort, we may have a shot at major investment through this investment competition, to be held in Silicon Valley in May. The deadline is fast approaching! Please help uscreate a buzz. Now's your chance to help us rewrite the history of civilization. Thanks!

    Founder Showcase:

    Our webpage:* Quest | Investigating Ancient Global Enigmas[/url]

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    There are no real enigmas if you are saying the things cannot be explained. But using the information and making something from it - that is most interesting. It is being done in black ops but I for one would like to make it happen in a safer environment (for life on earth).

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