If anyone cares to know of a truth, i will tell. There is a door closed within your mind that directly opens to a dimension physically located in this universe, i have come to recognize this dimension as the ether engulfing our world . Within this ether are beings that can and do cross over into our physical dimension at will,with or without the door in your mind. They manifest themselves through rocks and fire and even through midair continually as light or dark matter, through images of faces on wood,glass and dirt . these beings can and do murder , they can and do drive people insane. they can and do posses your body and those around you. The good news is this..Jesus Christ is among them and Jesus is the only being that can save them from the hell they experience and they're beings there that work with Jesus through his church to fulfill Gods will..
There is no Good but God in heaven, no matter how much truth we are given, only God is privy to this incomprehensible blueprint of the tree of life.